About Us


Founded in 2009 by Tyler Thornberry, Tristate Biomedical Solutions had quickly grown into a trusted source for medical equipment sales and service.   TBS was first located in Tyler's garage in Independence, KY.  The business grew rapidly primarily by working with our customers as partners, learning their needs and making efforts to save them money while providing them top customer service.

In January, 2018, TBS purchased Medical Equipment Services (MES), adding imaging sales and services to our range of services.  MES was founded in 1984 and had a solid history of providing the same level of service as TBS.  The growth of our company enabled us to purchase a 20,000 sq ft building in Franklin, OH which we converted to our headquartes in April 2019.  While this is our primary location we are still also working out of our Verona, KY office.  Having a location both north and south of Cincinnati has enabled us to work in the field more efficiently.