Biomedical Services

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Benefits of choosing TBS:

  • 24/7-365 services
  • Onsite repairs
  • Depot repairs
  • Equipment that is always functional and patient ready
  • Routine equipment maintenance, repairs, inspections
  • Work order management
  • Competitive rates
  • TBS warranty
  • Product recall management
  • Technical phone support
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Asset Management

Our team will take a complete inventory of all your equipment and enter it in a web based medical management software program designed specifically for Biomedical Equipment programs. The program will supply you with all the reports necessary to show you are compliant, tracks all maintenance history, and provides a preventive maintenance schedule for our team to follow.

Medical Equipment

Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive Maintenance programs are a key part of our services. These services include:

  • Test and calibrate all configurations of the device to the manufacturer's specs.
  • Electrical safety on all electrical equipment to ensure it is in compliance with the NFPA standards for healthcare facilities.
  • Each device will be assigned a control number for equipment tracking. Each control number will receive a printed document stating what tests were completed.
  • Inventory list of all equipment.
  • Complimentary cleaning of equipment at each PM.
  • Professional stickers placed on equipment stating due date and control number.
  • Monthly reports if needed.

No customer has an office too big or too small for this service.

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Onsite and Depot repair services

  • Send us your equipment for a free evaluation.
  • Our certified technician will come to you for a free evaluation.
  • We will find the best service solution at the best price and we let our customers know when it's more cost effective to replace the unit.
  • Extensive testing is completed after each repair so you can be assured the unit is patient ready.

Refurbished Medical Equipment Sales

This program is designed to offer facilities an alternative to the high cost of new equipment. Most often than not refurbished equipment can be purchased for about half the cost of new equipment with the same warranties.

Please call for pricing on the equipment you're needing today.

Check out our Ebay page. If you don't see it here please call us. 

TBS will purchase your unwanted equipment. You may use this towards the purchase of new equipment or put money back into your budget for other needs. We will come to you and clean out the equipment storage and pay you for it. We can also do a consignment deal with your facility if that better fits your needs.

If neither of these options are in your budget please ask about getting your existing equipment refurbished. TBS will pick your equipment up, bring it back to our shop and clean, touch up paint, replace common failing parts, and get your own equipment back in shape.